Slack vs. Discord

Are you deciding between Slack and Discord for building your online community? Consider a full-fledged community platform like Tribe and check out this detailed comparison based on 35+ points to select the right solution.

Comparison Table — Tribe vs. Slack vs. Discord

Suitable for
Brand-led online communities
Business communication
Real-time communication in a group setting
Primary communication mode
Text with rich media
Voice (Supports text)
Subscription fee
Plus ($59/mo) – 2,500 members
Premium ($299/mo) – 25k members
Standard ($8/user/mo)
Plus ($15/user/mo)
Nitro ($9.99/user/mo)
Nitro Classic ($4.99/user/mo)
Rich composer
Text formatting, media uploads, mentions, embeddable content
Text formatting, media uploads, mentions, embeddable content
Text formatting, media uploads, mentions, embeddable content
Upload and attach media files
Embeddable widgets
Add components of the community in web app, mobile app, and website
Searchable messages Unlimited Up to 10k in the free plan and unlimited in the paid plan Unlimited
Audio calls
One-to-one in the free plan
Supports 5,000 concurrent users
Video calls
One-to-one in the free plan
Group video calls with 25 members
Spaces (Groups/Channels)i
Public, Private, and Secret
Public and secret channels
Public and secret channels
SEO benefits from user-generated content
Discussions threads
Community moderation tools i
Both automation rules and manual tools
Need to install third-party moderation bot
Configurations for member permissions
Gamification tools
Badges, leaderboards, reputation scoring based on contribution quality
Single Sign-On (SSO)
JWT, OAuth2.0, SAML, and Custom SSO
Only SAML-based SSO
Social login
Log in with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, etc.
Private messaging
Integrations Popular tools for community management and key processes A wide range of third-party tools Limited
(focused on gaming)
Built-in apps for community management
Extend the functionality with native apps like Virtual currency, Signup Wall, and more
Activity feed
Similar to modern social media sites
Reporting and analytics
Built-in dashboard for key community metrics and Integration with Amplitude and Google Analytics
Limited data on usage and member activity
File usage
Storage Unlimited 5 GB for total members in free plan
10 GB – 20 GB/member in paid plan
Single-file upload limit 500 MB in the free plan
1 GB in the paid plan
1 GB 8 MB in the free plan
50 MB in the paid plan
Data ownership
Export member
Export content
Requires subscription to the Plus plan
Design and branding
Fully white-label
Requires subscription to a paid plan
Custom domain support
(e.g., and
User interface Inspired by modern social networks Designed for workplace collaboration Design is similar to Slack
(with a casual tone)
Customization Highly customizable in terms of the UI and community components Limited to colors and themes
Developer friendliness
Language support
User interface localization
Allow members to select the preferred language
Email, live chat, community, training

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Slack vs. Discord — Summary

Slack is primarily a business messaging app designed to centralize all the internal communication of an organization. This is currently the ubiquitous app that a vast majority of the companies use for employee collaboration. It allows real-time messaging, offers channels to categorize discussions, and integrates with popular third-party tools. The free plan allows you to search the recent 10k messages.

Discord, on the other hand, started as a platform to host gaming communities and communications tool for gamers. However, recently the positioning has changed to showcase that it can be used to host any kind of discussion for a group of people with a shared interest. The key difference is the superior voice messaging capability and a free plan with unlimited message history.

Since you are looking at potential solutions for building an online community, why not look into a full-fledged community platform? Introducing Tribe Platform — a fully customizable and white-label platform for brands and creators to launch communities with social media best practices. You can get started free (up to 500 members), host the community under your domain name, and customize it based on your branding.

Read on to compare Slack, Discord, and Tribe with greater details.

When you should select Slack

  • ✔ Real-time communication is important
  • ✔ You are looking for threaded-discussion
  • ✔ The free plan’s restriction that only 10,000 latest messages can be searched doesn’t impact your community
  • ✔ The majority of your potential members already have Slack account
  • ✔ You are looking for a free solution to get started and run a pilot project

When you should select Discord

  • ✔ Budget is a key constraint
  • ✔ You are looking to test the community project
  • ✔ You need real-time communication powered by voice
  • ✔ You are looking to avoid restrictions on the number of messages or total file upload limit
  • ✔ Your community needs unlimited storage
  • ✔ You’re looking for a robust system to assign permissions
  • ✔ Easily integrating the community with third-party tools is not a major factor

Select Tribe to build better customer relationships

  • ✔ A customizable and white-label online community
  • ✔ An online community that will be fully integrated across business processes
  • ✔ Complete ownership of the data
  • ✔ Threaded discussion with support for rich media
  • ✔ Brand discoverability and organic growth via SEO
  • ✔ Community experience across the user journey using widgets
  • ✔ Modern design and social media-like experience for your community
  • ✔ Robust moderation and gamification tools along with various built-in apps
  • ✔ A comprehensive knowledge base that promotes self-service
  • ✔ Content longevity and asynchronous communication

Tribe, Slack, or Discord — Which platform should you choose?

If you are creating a brand-led community or creator community, consider factors such as customizability, data ownership, organic growth via SEO, analytics, and customer support. However, the most important point is to consider a solution that has been purpose-built to support online communities.

Check out the summary of key elements that you should consider when selecting your community platform.

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