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Deploy an enterprise social network to boost employee collaboration, engagement, and productivity.

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Co-creator @hubitat.org

When you request an answer or ask for a feature, they get back to you with their full dedication. You will partner with them.


UCLA Health

We really like the team/customer support they are ready and willing to help us whenever we have questions or comments.


Cloudnine Hospitals

I would recommend Tribe to anyone who wants to build a community from scratch with no-code software.

Amy Bryant


Tribe is an efficient and effective way to build customer engagement. We are able to improve our product and help users.



Tribe has allowed us to rapidly experiment with new ways to connect the learners and tutors and build a unified experience.

Kathleen W.

Tim HortonsĀ® Foundation Camps

Ability to customize Tribe Platform to meet our campersā€™ and program needs has been critical as we have pivoted our programs.



In a few days, we were able to launch our sleek, responsive, modern, flexible and powerful community portal with Tribe.

Andy N.


I would highly recommend Tribe to organizations looking to strengthen their brand and build credibility with customers.

Whatā€™s a social intranet?

Social intranet is the hub for employee collaboration, innovation, and networking with a unique focus on the end-users powered by social elements. It is a knowledge center that ensures the voice of employees is projected in a contextual manner irrespective of the device or location.

Modern users strive for simple, straight-forward, and user-friendly social elements to express their ideas, foster knowledge sharing, engage with peers and manage discussions.

Why build a social intranet?

Social intranet allows to build secure employee groups, promote social collaboration, share documents, broadcast messages, and innovate with collective knowledge.

Boost collaboration

Empower the employees to collaborate on topics, work projects of their interest, and enable resource sharing with an open and social platform.

Improve productivity

Keep the employees engaged with each other, improve communication and collaboration via social technologies tools to boost productivity.

Build stronger networks

Create highly cohesive employee networks by bringing the users with shared interest closer and enable member discovery.

Enhance internal support

Ensure that the internal support team is equipped to provide help to the employees, share relevant documents and create an up-to-date knowledge base.

Centralize knowledge

Keep all the user-generated content and the collaterals developed by the company in a highly organized manner to ensure efficient knowledge management.

Communicate efficiently

Reduce the cluttered email-based communication that doesnā€™t allow you to extract the knowledge, organize information, and retrieve it in a timely manner.

Why Tribe is a robust social intranet software

Tribe allows you to implement a fully customized, people-focused social intranet that integrates with your existing software and processes.

Customizable community platform

This is one of the key reasons why Tribe is the preferred social intranet software. Tribe Platform offers a range of building blocks to create different types of private communities. It can be completely customized to reflect your business requirements and designed to cater to your brand guidelines.

Public, private, and secret groups

Build different types of workgroups or subcommunities inside the social intranet to bring the employees closer based on shared interests. Enable moderation, control group membership, and streamline conversation while ensuring that confidential information is accessible only to the intended audience.

Personalized activity feed

Allow members to tap into the pulse of the workplace by delivering a highly personalized activity feed that gets shaped by the Spaces joined by the members. Keep them engaged with relevant content by cutting through the noise and ensure that they get all the useful updates.

Extensive notification system

Tribe offers a host of notification tools to ensure that all the messages and updates related to a member reach in a contextual manner. Everything from mobile messaging and push notifications to in-app notifications and emails can be used to deliver updates on the latest activity, organization, and the team.

Direct third-party integration

Being a flexible platform, Tribe can integrate with the software your company already uses and seamlessly merges with the internal processes. Our enterprise clients also enjoy tailor-made integration based on the requirements (e.g., internal support ticket system, payroll, and leave management tools).

Enterprise-grade security

Rest assured with our robust security features and SSO capabilities that keep all the confidential communication and employee data secure. Tribe Platform, as a social intranet software, goes through regular third-party security audits and deploys the best practices for cloud-based software.

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Community platform

Create a fully integrated social intranet portal.
Enable your users to connect and discuss under your brand. Users can follow, ask questions, start discussions, upvote, comment and share content.

Social widgets
within your product

Enjoy ready-to-use widgets to add social components to any part of your website or internal tools. Anything that you can visualize on the community, can be accessed via API.

It’s your brand.
Fully customizable.

Tribe is a white label platform. Designed to adopt your brand and engineered to integrate with your website. You can even add your site header/footer to seamlessly blend it with your site navigation.

Connected to
the tools you love

Powerful apps and integrations to engage, and retain more users. Automate and extend the capabilities of your community or build your own apps.

Join top businesses empowering their community using Tribe platform.