Create lasting relationships for your institution with an engaging students and alumni community

Foster collaboration, build valuable networks, collect payments and boost event participation.
students and alumni community

Powerful online community for students and alumni
is a key element for your institution's success

Tribe allows educational institutes to build an online community for students and alumni in a highly structured, secure, and branded space. It can open up valuable opportunities ranging from job opportunities, internships, and partnerships to sponsorships and event ticketing.

Tribe is empowering the new
generation of branded communities

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Why Tribe is a robust platform for students and alumni community

Tribe allows you to create a fully customized, student and alumni-focused community that integrates with your processes to make your community strategy a success.

Public/Private access

You can enable Social Login app (e.g., LinkedIn) to allow users to login to the community. Enable SSO to allow members to join with user credentials shared by your institute's identity provider.

Fully customizable

Complete customize the community based your institutes requirements and guidelines. Change everything color combinations and typography to individual community components and the way they are organized.

Personalized activity feed

Allow members to tap into the pulse of the institute by delivering a highly personalized activity feed that continuously learns from member behavior. Keep them engaged with contextual content that cuts through the noise.

Groups or sub-communities

Create public, private, or secret sub-communities inside your community to bring the students and closer based on shared passion. For instance, the societies or clubs in your institute can have their own exclusive group.


Create a specific topic to share the updates, latest news, media mentions, etc. Keep your students and alumni in the loop. Spread the word by providing share-worthy news to the students and alumni.


Create posts for the upcoming events, guest lectures, and meetings to keep the stake-holders updated. Facilitate engaging discussions before, during, and after the event to boost user-generated content.

Payment processing

If you are looking to charge the alumni a subscription fee and collect donations, you can leverage the API or Zapier integration to process payment and provide access to the community.

Integrated mobile strategy

If you have a mobile app for your institution, you can embed the community with widgets and API offered by Tribe to bring in social touchpoints inside the app.

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Social widgets
within your website

Enjoy ready-to-use widgets to add social components to any part of your website or internal tools. Anything that you can visualize on the community, can be accessed via API.

It's your brand.
Fully customizable.

Tribe is a white label platform. Designed to adopt your educational institute's brand and engineered to integrate with your website. You can even add your site header/footer to seamlessly blend it with your site navigation.

Connected to
the tools you love

Powerful apps and integrations to engage, and retain more users. Automate and extend the capabilities of your community or build your own apps.

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