Tribe Subprocessors

Last updated on September 02, 2020

Community Data

We use the following third party services as sub-processors of data for individual tribes or communities created by our Subscribers using our Service. The optional sub-processors will be used only when certain integrations and apps are installed. To learn what sub-processors we use to process data on our Subscribers please go to the next table.

Third Party ServicePurposeRequirementRegions
Amazon Web Services Inc.AWS Hosting and StorageRequiredUSA, Canada
DigitalOcean, LLCCloud hostingRequiredUSA
SendGrid, Inc.Email Service ProviderRequiredUSA
ImgIXLoads images and presents imagesRequiredUSA
Google AnalyticsAnalyticsOptionalUSA
FacebookPush notifications, allow social loginOptionalUSA
GoogleAllow social loginOptionalUSA
LinkedInAllow social loginOptionalUSA
TwitterAllow social loginOptionalUSA
SlackPush notifications, allow social loginOptionalUSA
TelegramPush notificationsOptionalNetherland
FirebasePush notificationsOptionalUSA
IntercomAnalytics, email, messenger and in-app notificationsOptionalUSA

Subscriber Support Services Data

We use the following services to process our data when providing support, analytics and similar services to our Subscribers. To learn what sub-processors we use to process our Customer Data click here.

Third-party ServicePurposeRegions
Amazon Web Services Inc.AWS Hosting and StorageUSA, Canada
DigitalOcean, LLCCloud hostingUSA
SendGrid, Inc.Email NotificationsUSA
IntercomCustomer SupportUSA
Google AnalyticsAnalyticsUSA
ZapierCustomer Relationship ManagementUSA
SalesforcePush notifications, allow social loginUSA
GoogleAllow social loginUSA
LinkedInAllow social loginUSA
SlackPush notifications, allow social loginUSA
TelegramPush notificationsNetherland
FirebasePush notificationsUSA
StripeProcess PaymentUSA