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What’s the difference between
Tribe and Flarum?

Flarum is a relatively newer platform when we compare with the first wave of forum solutions like phpBB. It came up with better design and functionality along with a set of well-thought features.

Tribe offers a fully customizable community platform based on a design philosophy that’s in line with modern consumer behavior and allows businesses to add community touchpoints in the entire customer lifecycle.

Read on to explore why Tribe can a solid choice when considering Flarum alternatives.

Why Tribe is the top alternative to Flarum

Tribe Flarum
Free plan (hosted solution)
100 total members
Community platform
Select, organize, and showcase the social components exactly the way you need
Embeddable widgets
Plug in valuable social components of the community inside the product or website
Activity feed
Activity feed that delivers personalized and contextual content
Content organization
Keep content organized with distinct topics
Acquire new members organically via search engines
Groups or subcommunities
Build public, private, and secret groups in your community
Native video player
Allow members to upload videos directly to the community
Multiple content types with rich media
From Q&A, short updates to long-form content and polls
Keep members engaged with reputation scores, badges, and leaderboards
Use virtual currency to reward the members and allow them to redeem the same
Reporting and analytics
Get complete understanding of member behavior and track key metrics
Data import and export
Build custom integrations and automate processes
Valuable apps such as SEO Boost, Social Login, Virtual Currency
Third-party integrations
Tight integration with 20+ popular third-party tools (includes Zapier)
DIY option
SSO (Single Sign-On)
Allow your users to log in with the existing credentials of your website or app
Moderation tools
Automate moderation with minimum reputation requirements and keyword blacklisting
Newsletter and notification
UI customization option
Fully customize the look and feel with CSS. Integrate with product or site navigation
Responsive interface

Immediate Access. No Credit Card Required.

Tribe helped us build a unified community with continuous experience for learners and create a robust communication channel.

Mariah Olson

Head of Community, Schoolhouse


your customer retention


of your customers engaged

Should you build community with Tribe or Flarum?

This is one of the key reasons why Tribe is one of the top alternatives to Flarum. Tribe Platform offers a range of building blocks to create different types of online branded communities. It can be anything from a question and answer style communities like Quora to Facebook-style communities based on both short updates, and long-form articles.

Companies use the modular blocks offered by Tribe’s platform to create broadly customer and partner communities, employee communities, professional communities and different types of niche social networks.

Tribe is the preferred platform as it delivers the members a familiar experience like Facebook while providing the right customization options to the owners to build different types of communities.

Tribe is a cloud-based (SaaS) solution that offers a forever free plan with support for custom domain, 100 total mmembers. The Plus plan starts from $59/month and the Premium plan starts from $299/month. This means as a community owner you don’t need to worry about the technical details such as hosting, upkeep, software maintenance, database management, and security.

Flarum is a free and open-source solution; however, you would anyway invest by paying for hosting and maintaining all the technical facets of the community.

Hence, if it is important for you to focus on growing the community without investing any resource in the technical aspect, select Tribe.

Tribe helps you deliver immersive community experience inside the customer journey. You can select components of the community and add them to any site or product in the form of widgets.

One of the examples can be adding discussions under product listings in a retail site to allow members to give quick feedback, discover new products and engage with each other. These embeddable widgets are also quite flexible — iframe widgets can be built to follow the brand guidelines.

Flarum doesn’t offer this type of widgets, so if this is something you wish to achieve with your community, then Tribe would be the preferred platform.

Tribe has an extensive app store which can be used to add significant business value on top of the existing community platform.

Some of the examples are SEO app for organic user acquisition, SSO, virtual coins app for member rewards and incentivization, a social app for easy sign up using existing accounts on popular social networks. Clients can swiftly enable these apps based on the requirement.

Flarum lacks in this respect and doesn’t offer these type of apps.

So, if you are interested in getting superior value out the community solution via apps, then you should explore Tribe as an alternative to Flarum.

It is imperative for any business to use third-party apps so facilitating smooth data flow between these apps is critical. Hence, Tribe offers native integrations with many tools (including Zapier) to help clients easily automate processes and enable data flow with the software services they already use.

With Flarum, the built-in integration is limited and you might have to opt for custom development for automation.

If you need to integrate with other popular tools (e.g., Support, CRM and analytics) in an easier way, then Tribe would be the right platform.

It is quite common for group admins to create subgroups inside a community to help the members with shared interest have focused discussion around a subject.

Tribe allows you to build subcommunities inside the community to build secure spaces for the super users, micro-interest groups, and everything in between.

Flarum doesn’t allow you to create subgroups.

With Tribe Community Platform, you can create public (accessible to all the members), private (via request), and secret groups (invitation-only).

Tribe has advanced moderation tools — you can configure automation to enforce content and community guidelines for the members. For example, you can add keywords that would prohibit users from posting content containing those words. Also, it is possible to keep members’ reputation as a factor for the ability to create posts. The reputation of members can be gamified via points, badges, and leaderboards as well.

Flarum lacks this type of capability, but it does offer a manual moderation option.

If you wish to efficiently moderate the community via automation while you scale with new member acquisition, Tribe can help you.

Tribe has strong reporting and analytics capabilities via both the in-built dashboard and external integration. You can get a quick snapshot of the overall health of your community directly inside the platform. Additionally, if you enable Google Analytics and Amplitude integration, all of the activities inside the community will be sent as events to these tools which would allow you to track any type of metric.

Flarum doesn’t support this type of integration and it can be very difficult to understand the member behavior.

Choose Tribe if you would like to gain insights on exactly how your members are behaving and get a grip on the community health.

Modern design
for modern users

Tribe’s design philosophy and engagement tools are inspired by popular social networks which makes it familiar to community members.

Embeddable widgets

Deliver immersive social experience right inside your product, app or website with widgets. Some of the prominent examples can be enabling user discussions under the product listing and showcasing user-generated content when users browse through different features of your product.

Highly engaging apps

Tribe offers some of the most compelling modern apps such as incentivization system via virtual currency that can be used to get desired user action, easy user management, and powerful analytics.

It’s your brand.
Fully customizable.

Tribe is a white-label social network solution. It is designed to adopt your brand and engineered to integrate with your website. You can even add your site header/footer to seamlessly blend it with your site navigation.

Tribe offers a powerful community platform, embeddable widgets, valuable apps, integration, API, analytics, and groups to build successful online communities.

Hence, select Tribe, if you are looking for a robust, non-restrictive, and fully customizable alternative to Flarum that allows you to build a modern online community.

Join top businesses empowering their community using Tribe platform.