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What’s the difference between
Tribe and inSided?

inSided is one of the older software companies in the community solutions space that is primarily suitable for Telecom and B2B software firms. The subscription fee starts from $10.8k/year and goes up to $150k/year for 10m users (additional fees for integration).

Tribe is a modern and fully customizable community platform designed to help SaaS companies build thriving customer communities. Tribe’s Advanced pricing starts from $7,200/year and the Enterprise pricing is customized based on exact business needs.

Tribe vs. inSided

Paid plan
Tribe’s Advanced plan starts from $599/mo and the Enterprise pricing is customized.
The subscription plan starts from $900/mo.
Create unique experiences for members with page builder and community building blocks
Customize your community by modifying different components of the community
Select pre-built color palettes and typography for your community.
Get started with templates and customize them based on your needs.
Embeddable widgets
Add valuable social elements of the community inside the apps and website.
A widget to search the community content and knowledge base
Developer platform
Enhance the functionality of the community with API, Webhooks, and Liquid Template.
React SDK
Embed the community into your mobile and web app so you can fully customize the UI.
Custom domain
Give access to your community under your domain.
Reporting and analytics
Built-in dashboard to track key metrics.
Amplitude analytics integration
Get valuable insights from a granular view of member activities and properties.
Mixpanel integration
Generate insights on community health, member behavior, and retention.
Salesforce integration
Sync community data with Salesforce data.
Zendesk integration
Escalate tickets and search community content.
Slack integration
Google analytics integration
Easily measure and track KPIs related to community traffic.
FullStory and Hotjar integration
View video playback on different member segments and understand their needs.
Leaderboard to improve community engagement.
OAuth, JWT, SAML, WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.
OAuth, JWT, SAML, and Facebook.
Member profile and directory
Moderation panel and keyword blocklist.
Custom profile fields
Customize and add profile fields based on your needs.
SEO Settings
Customize meta title, description, and social sharing images.
Customize meta title and description.
Schedule events and allow members to RSVP.
Zapier integration
Connect your community with apps you already use and automate workflows
Custom code
Add custom HTML and JavaScript code to your community.
GDPR compliance
Ensure that your community complies with GDPR requirements.
Data residency
Host your community data at a specific geo location for regulatory compliance.
Advanced security
Custom SSL, custom security headers, and SOC II certification
Audit log
Track a community activities and filter them based on different parameters
Advanced search
Makes it easy for community members to find content with the help of filters

Immediate access. No credit card required.

Tribe helped us build a unified community with continuous experience for learners and create a robust communication channel.

Mariah Olson

Head of Community, Schoolhouse


your customer retention


of your customers engaged

Should you build a community
with Tribe or inSided?

The design elements of the Tribe Platform are inspired by modern social networks. Primarily because in the last decade the new-age internet users’ networking and content consumption pattern has been largely influenced by social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, etc.

Since Tribe brings the best practices and engagement tools such as activity feed offered by social media sites, it becomes quite familiar for the members to interact in the community. This improves the adoption and success of the community.

Insided’s design patterns are very similar to the older discussion forums.

Tribe is a community platform — consider this as a solution that offers you different building blocks so you can arrange and configure them to create different types of community pages. This helps businesses create unique brand-led communities since every community is different.

Apart from that, community admins have access to carefully crafted color palletes, themes, and templates to get started easily with best practices. These can be further customized exactly based on the business needs. Spaces in Tribe communities support different views so you can also customize the way posts are presented.

Insided’s can also be customized arranging and modifying different components of the community.

Communities powered by Tribe can be easily embedded into website, mobile apps, and web apps. When combined with JWT SSO, this becomes a powerful way to seamlessly add community experience into apps.

Community admins have different configurations for the embeddable widgets. For example, in the case of embedding a Space you can make it ready only and choose to show or hide header, post editor, about section, etc.

With Tribe’s React SDK, it becomes easy to fully integrate the community into React apps and completely customize the user interface.

Insided’s embed tool is a widget can allows your customers to search the community content.

Tribe’s App Store includes a growing number of apps that can be installed to unlock additional functionalities, enhance your community, and integrate the community with tools you already use.

With inSided, there is no concept of modular apps that can be installed to enhance your community.

If you are looking to build custom functionalities for your community, Tribe’s Developer Portal can help you with API, webhooks, and a Liquid Template engine. These custom enhancements are available in your community App Store as custom apps.

While inSided gives you access to API and Webhooks, there is no dedicated developer platform to enhance your community based on your unique needs.

Large businesses often required advanced security to add an additional layer of protection to the community. That’s why Tribe offers a custom security header, SSL certificate, and hosts data in a SOC II certified server.

Tribe offers powerful analytics and reporting suite with a combination of native community analytics and third-party integration with solutions such as Amplitude Analytics, Mixpanel, and Google Analytics.

This allows community admins to have a granular view of the member activities and properties. Amplitude integration makes it easy to measure member stickiness, retention, member lifecycle, Space-specific engagement, and more.

Insided offers integration with Google Analytics and Mixpanel.

GDPR compliance, data residency, audit logs are important to comply with regulatory requirements and governance. Tribe’s Cookie Consent Manager app, data export/import capability, and more enable GDPR compliance. Tribe’s audit log feature is available to all the enteprise customers.

Apart from that Tribe offers data residency to companies looking to host data in Europe (Germany to be specific).

Insided offers GDPR compliance and data residency, but there is no audit log.

Tribe offers Advanced and Enterprise subscription plans. The Advanced plan starts from $599/mo with an annual subscription. The Enterprise plan requires custom pricing and Tribe’s sales team can help with that.

Insided’s pricing starts from $900/mo. There are additional costs based on different add-ons and integrations.

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