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What’s the difference between
Tribe and Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks have built some well-thought-out features, but the fundamentals behind community building with this platform still don’t reflect either modern user behavior or brand requirements.

Tribe is designed to adapt your brand and engineered to integrate with your website while delivering a fully personalized and modern user experience to the members.

Tribe is empowering the new
generation of branded communities

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Tribe vs. Mighty Networks

Tribe Mighty Networks
Free plan
Community platform
Select, organize, and showcase the social components on the community site.
Embeddable widgets
Plug in valuable social elements of the community inside the product or website.
Personalized activity feed
AI-powered content feed that constantly improves and keeps users hooked.
Enable members to share views and discuss topics.
Build sub-communities of members with shared passion.
Allow members to share knowledge with peers.
Multiple content types with rich media
From QnA and short posts to long-form articles.
Badges, points, and leaderboard system.
Reporting and analytics
In-built dashboard to track key metrics.
Native video player
Allow members to upload videos directly to the community
Build custom integrations and automate processes.
Valuable apps such as SEO boost, virtual coins, and social log-in.
Third-party integrations
20+ integration with popular apps including Zapier.
Only with Zapier
DIY option
Configure your community and launch quickly.
SAML, JWT, OAuth2.0, and more.
Moderation tools
Automate moderation with minimum reputation requirements and keyword blacklisting.
Newsletter and notification
Drive precise communication and increase member retention.
Data ownership
Export content
Export members
UI customization option
Fully customize the look and feel with CSS. Integrate with product or site navigation.
White label solution
Mobile app
Mobile responsive and tight integration with messaging apps.
Responsive interface
Ability to sell online courses
Available via Zapier integration
Email, live chat, community, and training

Immediate access. No credit card required.

Should you build community with Tribe or Mighty Networks?

Community Platform

Tribe is a community platform -- think of it as a software solution that offers a range of building blocks (similar to LEGO bricks) to create different types of online branded communities. It can be anything from question and answer style communities like Quora to communities based on short updates, and long-form articles.

Companies use the building blocks offered by Tribe’s platform to build broadly customer and partner communities, employee communities, professional communities and different types of niche social networks.

However, if you are looking for something very straightforward that can essentially serve as an alternative to a Facebook Group, then Mighty Networks is the right solution.

Brand adoption

At Tribe, we understand how important it is for any business to configure the community exactly based on the brand guidelines. Hence, Tribe offers the exhaustive set of options to help you seamlessly merge the community with the site or change the look and feel exactly the way you need.

For example, apart from adding your logo and brand assets, you can change the navigation to merge with any site’s header and footer. Also, by modifying the CSS, developers can change every bit of the interface.

Mightly Networks primarily works with themes and allows you to change the design by quickly adding a logo along with a selection of primary and secondary colors.

Hence, if it is important for you to change the look and feel at the granular level, then Tribe would be the correct solution.


We understand that some of the communities builders need to monetize the community. It can be anything from selling courses to giving access to premium content and coaching.

Tribe allows you to do that with third-party payment processors which requires automation via Zapier or our API. Hence, the initial set up process is not quite straightforward for payment processing. We're aware of this issue and will release different monetization option in the near future.

Mighty Networks already has the infrastructure for monetization of the community, so there is in-built payment processing capability. They have done a good job of it, so you can charge your members with a subscription fee and sell other additional digital assets as well.

Choose Mighty Networks if easily monetizing the community is your priority.

Embeddable social widgets

Building community is important; however, what sets the successful companies apart is the ability to deliver immersive community experience inside the customer journey. Tribe offers this by allowing you to select components of the community and add them to any site or product in the form of widgets.

One of the examples can be adding discussions under product listings in a retail site to allow members to give quick feedback, discover new products and engage with each other. Another example can be acquiring users via discussions in a certain category of a marketplace. These embeddable widgets are also quite flexible -- we have helped our clients with iframe widgets that follow their brand guidelines.

Mighty Networks doesn’t offer this type of widgets, so if this is something you wish to achieve with your community, then Tribe would be the preferred platform.


APIs are very useful in delivering raw data from one system to another. This allows companies to build further customizations such as custom integrations and dashboards.

Tribe has taken the API-first approach which means any community powered by Tribe is practically a client of the API. This helps our clients in capturing every single action in the community and merge the community in their existing processes.

Mighty networks doesn’t offer an API, so if you will be using this, then Tribe would be perfect.

App store

Tribe has an extensive app store which can be used to add significant business value on top of the existing community platform. Some of the examples are SEO app for organic user acquisition, SSO, virtual coins app for member rewards and incentivization, a social app for easy sign up using existing accounts in popular social networks. Clients can swiftly enable these apps based on the requirement.

Mighty Networks lacks in this respect and doesn’t offer these type of apps.

So, if you are interested in getting superior value out the community solution via apps, then you should explore Tribe.


At Tribe, we understand that businesses are using many third-party apps and it is important to facilitate smooth data flow between these apps. So, Tribe offers native integrations with many tools (including Zapier) to help clients easily automate processes and enable data flow with the software services they already use.

Mightly Networks also offers integration, but it has to be primarily done via only Zapier as integrations with other apps are very limited.

Hence, if you need to integrate with other popular tools (e.g., CRM, analytics and messaging) in an easier way, then Tribe would be the right platform.

Mobile app

This is a tricky subject, but let’s look at it objectively. Tribe doesn’t offer any mobile app; however, Tribe’s UI is fully responsive. This means the community’s functionality remains intact across devices -- from desktop computers and tabs to mobile devices and TV screens. Also, Tribe offers tight integrations with messaging apps such as Telegram and Slack.

These integrations allow users to get the notification where they already spend most of their time. It is important since modern users are not quite inclined towards installing new apps.

Mighty Networks offers mobile apps on both iOS and Android ecosystem. In case the mobile app is essential in your requirement Mighty Networks would be a much better solution.

Customer support

At Tribe, we strive to offer the best customer support as efficiently as possible. So, we offer multiple channels to our clients for easy resolution of any type of concern. These channels include community support, email, and chat support. Moreover, we go further with dedicated onboarding, customer success team and certified partners for technical integrations.

Mighty Networks offers a knowledge base and email support for issue resolution.

So, Tribe would be a better choice with responsive and fast customer support.

Moderation capability

Tribe has advanced moderation tools -- you can configure automation to enforce content and community guidelines for the members. For example, you can add keywords that would prohibit users from posting content containing those words. Also, it is possible to keep members’ reputation as a factor for the ability to create posts. The reputation of members can be gamified via points, badges, and leaderboards as well.

Mighty Networks doesn’t offer this type capability, although it does offer a separate admin privilege called ‘moderator’.

If you wish to easily moderate the community while you scale with new member acquisition, Tribe can help you.

Reporting and analytics

Tribe has strong reporting and analytics capabilities via both the in-built dashboard and external integration. You can get a quick snapshot of the overall health of your community directly inside the platform. Additionally, you can easily track member behavior and build reports via our tight integration with tools such as Google Analytics and Amplitude.

Mighty Networks doesn't support these type of deep integrations for granular reporting of metrics.

Choose Tribe if you would like to understand exactly how your members are behaving and get a grip on the community health. This can help you prove the return on investment and get internal buy-in.


In terms of pricing, Tribe comes with a free basic plan with 500 total members, groups/sub-communities, unlimited content that supports your own custom domain as well. The Plus plan costs $85 per month and Premium plan costs $249 per month with an annual subscription. The pricing for the enterprise plan depends on the exact requirements and subscription fee changes widely from client to client.

Mightly Networks starts with a free plan (no custom domain) and the other plans’ are $23 per month and $81 per month with an annual subscription.

Tribe’s free plan offers more customization options and the Premium Plan offers more features. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative with restrictions, Mighty Networks can be a good option.

Mighty Networks does a good job with community monetization capability and offers a mobile app. On the downside, Mighty Networks doesn’t offer customizations, API, app store, integrations and moderation tools. So, choose Mighty Networks if you are looking for a very simple solution.

Tribe offers a powerful community platform, superior customization options, valuable apps, API, and embeddable widgets at highly efficient pricing. Tribe also delivers top-notch customer support (check out our customer reviews) and aims to have full-fledged monetization tools to further bolster the value delivery.

Hence, select Tribe, if you are looking for a robust and customizable platform with better customer support.

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Embeddable widgets

Deliver immersive social experience right inside your product or website with widgets. Some of the prominent examples can be enabling user engagement under the listings, inspiring the members to share feedback and discovery of new products.

Highly engaging apps

Tribe offers some of the most compelling modern apps such as incentivization system via virtual currency that can be used to get desired user action, easy user management, and powerful analytics. Mighty Networks falls short of these type of apps.

It's your brand.
Fully customizable.

Tribe is a white label platform. Designed to adopt your brand and engineered to integrate with your website. You can even add your site header/footer to seamlessly blend it with your site navigation.

Join top businesses empowering their community using Tribe platform.