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Tribe, a powerful alternative to Ning

Choose modern, fully customizable community platform. Save your budget and resources to better serve your community.


What’s the difference between
Tribe and Ning?

Ning is one of the early entrants in the online community space that enabled people to create own social networks.

Tribe is a modern community platform inspired by the design and features of popular social networks. Tribe helps businesses launch online communities to improve customer enagement, scale support, promote self-service, collect feedback, and communicate updates.

Community platform

Tribe’s community platform is highly modular and allows you to build a customized community website by selecting and showcasing different elements of your community exactly the way you need.

Pluggable widgets

Widgets allow you to deliver highly immersive social experience by seamlessly integrating components of the community inside your product or website. This helps you add community touchpoints across the buyer journey.

Built-in integrations

Tribe offers out-of-the-box integration with 20+ apps ranging from CRM and support to analytics and messaging apps. Moreover, Zapier integration allows you to automate workflows by connecting with thousands of popular third-party SaaS apps.


The subscription fee for Ning Communities starts from $25 for 1,000 members. Tribe’s entry-level free plan offers 100 total members and custom domain. The Plus plan starts from $49/month with annual subscription and supports 10,000 total registered members.

Moderation capability

Tribe helps you efficiently moderate with sophisticated automation tools (e.g., keyword blacklisting and minimum reputation requirements). Your members are also empowered to report any content and member.

Reporting and analytics

Tribe allows you to make informed decisions based on powerful analytics. All the community activities can also be sent to external analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Amplitude, Mixpanel via in-built integration.

True engagement

Tribe works on long term engagement of members via a powerful notification system, mailing tools, gamification, personalized activity feed, and valuable apps such as virtual coins.

Knowledge discovery

With Tribe, you can organize the user-generated content exactly as per your preference and allow contextual discovery of the same (e.g., asking questions and searching) in a seamless manner.

Tribe helped us build a unified community with continuous experience for learners and create a robust communication channel.

Mariah Olson

Head of Community, Schoolhouse


your customer retention


of your customers engaged

Modern design
for modern users

Tribe’s design philosophy and engagement tools are inspired by popular social networks which makes it familiar to community members.

Embeddable widgets

Deliver immersive social experience right inside your product, app or website with widgets. Some of the prominent examples can be enabling user discussions under the product listing and showcasing user-generated content when users browse through different features of your product.

Highly engaging apps

Tribe offers some of the most compelling modern apps such as incentivization system via virtual currency that can be used to get desired user action, easy user management, and powerful analytics.

It’s your brand.
Fully customizable.

Tribe is a white-label social network solution. It is designed to adopt your brand and engineered to integrate with your website. You can even add your site header/footer to seamlessly blend it with your site navigation.


Should you build community with Tribe or Disciple Media?

If launching a straightforward mobile app without engaging with a technical team is critical for you, then Disciple Media could be a good solution.

However, if you are launching a community site to drive customer success and looking to add community touchpoints inside your product (both web and mobile app) or site, Tribe would the right solution.

Join top businesses empowering their community using Tribe platform.