Hey 👋 We've changed for the better! Tribe is now Bettermode—the all-in-one customer community platform! Take a look

Convert your community into automated actions

Grow your community and automate workflows by integrating Tribe with 3000+ apps through Zapier.

Build Community + Automate Processes with Easy Data Flow


Build modern and fully customizable online community to engage, retain, and support users.



Automatically trigger actions based on community activities or update the community via triggers from other apps.


Infinite Integrations

Send and update data by seamlessly transferring between thousands of apps. Add the community to existing workflows.

Deliver engaging community experience by customizing it exactly the way you need

  • ✔ Select and showcase the social elements based on your preference
  • ✔ Change the look and feel according to your brand guidelines
  • ✔ Add your site header/footer to blend it seamlessly with your site navigation
  • ✔ Plug-in a social network in your existing product or website

Powerful apps and integrations to create highly engaging customer communities

  • ✔ In-built integration with 20+ popular third-party tools
  • ✔ Out-of-the-box apps that you can install to take your community to greater heights

Embed community touchpoints in the customer journey

  • ✔ Add valuable components of the community inside your product or website
  • ✔ Comprehensive API to capture and control every aspect of your community

Make your members fall in love with your community

  • ✔ Ativity feed to deliver highly personalized content feed
  • ✔ Sub-communities to connect members with a shared passion and drive focused discussion
  • ✔ Engaging gamification system with leaderboard

Join top organizations powering branded
communities with Tribe Platform

Send and receive community actions with two-way data flow

Add community to support process

Create new support tickets and add tags based on new posts from a dedicated group.

Send notifications to your team

Notify community admins and moderators about the community activities

Create and update contacts in CRM

Add or update the CRM contacts based on community member data.

Collect payment from the members

Monetize your community by charging a membership fee and keep them subscribed.

Create discussions automatically

Create a new post in your community based on the content published on your site.

Create custom workflows

Set up multi-step workflows to automate sales, marketing, and support tasks.

Where will your community take you?

Whenever any member joins your community or any activity happens in your community, with Tribe’s Zapier integration, all the data can be easily sent to any app you select.

Get multifold free time with multi-step Zaps

Boost your sales and marketing processes

Get new members, update your Hubspot CRM contacts and engage them with automated Drip emails

Automate payments and financial logistics

Charge the members a subscription fee, store transaction data in Airtable and issue an invoice via Xero

Automate content exporting and improve notifications

Send all the new posts for a topic to Google Sheet and Slack notification to your admin and moderator team

Multi-step zaps are available via Zapier’s paid plan starting at $20/month.

Connect Tribe to 3000+ apps with Zapier

Zapier is the leading data integration solution for web apps to automate and accelerate processes.