Hey šŸ‘‹ We've changed for the better! Tribe is now Bettermodeā€”the all-in-one customer community platform! Take a look

Build loyal user base for customer-to-customer business

A user-centric community platform that engages and retains users, so transactions increase


Co-creator @hubitat.org

When you request an answer or ask for a feature, they get back to you with their full dedication. You will partner with them.


UCLA Health

We really like the team/customer support they are ready and willing to help us whenever we have questions or comments.


Cloudnine Hospitals

I would recommend Tribe to anyone who wants to build a community from scratch with no-code software.

Amy Bryant


Tribe is an efficient and effective way to build customer engagement. We are able to improve our product and help users.



Tribe has allowed us to rapidly experiment with new ways to connect the learners and tutors and build a unified experience.

Kathleen W.

Tim HortonsĀ® Foundation Camps

Ability to customize Tribe Platform to meet our campersā€™ and program needs has been critical as we have pivoted our programs.



In a few days, we were able to launch our sleek, responsive, modern, flexible and powerful community portal with Tribe.

Andy N.


I would highly recommend Tribe to organizations looking to strengthen their brand and build credibility with customers.

Untap the potential
of C2C business with an online community

Tribe’s fully customizable and integrated community platform allows you to leverage the power of crowd wisdom, keep the customers engaged and connected under your brand via discussions, gamification, and networking tools.

Engage customers in real time

Create a direct communication channel between your business and customers. This helps customers forge deep connections and interact with your brand in real time; also, your communications get better reach than other conventional channels.

Get better customer insights

Allow your product team to get the Voice of Customer from an open and uninhibited platform. Be truly customer focused by gathering customer feedback, and integrating their recommendations in the product development cycle.

Reduce new user acquisition cost

Leverage the user-generated content to build authentic content assets that would attract pre-qualified customers right in the research and discovery phase. Delight your community members, so they would invite their network to explore your brand.

Transform customer self-service

Help your customers solve smaller issues with the power of collective knowledge base created by fellow customers and experts. This type of peer-to-peer value delivery creates strong networks and binds customers under your brand.

Enrich customer data

Use the extensive API and native integrations of the community with third-party apps to augment the customer data in the existing systems. This enriched customer data will further help you refine your targeting, messaging and ultimately conversion rate.

Plug in e-commerce

Take your customer community to greater heights by enabling commerce which would allow users to discover, learn and purchase your products. You can also showcase certain parts of the community inside your site. Achieve all this with highly customizable and brandable community solution.

Why Tribe Community Platform?

Custom community engine

Select, organize and display the community elements exactly as per your business requirement.


Present personalized content with the power of machine learning that keeps users hooked to the community.


Easily manage content, activity, and report critical issues while taking care of diverse user needs.

Quick time to market

Move from the conceptualization phase of a community to a full-fledged user community with faster implementation.

Apps and integrations

Custom app

Build what you imagine with Tribe’s Developer Portalā€”add new functionalities and enhance your community.


Convert the community into automated actions and connect with your favorite apps.


Interactive thread-based communication between members designed to drive engaement.

Google Analytics

Track community traffic and measure key metrics associated with members and content.

Engage users and boost revenue with
a customizable community