Delight, engage, and retain your community members

Engage users, leverage advanced moderation, recruit brand advocates, and drive product adoption with an integrated online community.
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Build the best community
for your members and brand

With Tribe Platform, community managers are fully empowered to lead community development in a user-focused manner. Leverage the collection of social media best practices offered with the community platform to craft authentic relationships between the brand and the members. Track, measure and report the key community metrics with powerful analytics tools.

Powerful community
management strategy.

Drive customer success, product innovation, and advocacy
through a vibrant online community.
  • 28%
    increase in product adoption
  • 15%
    increase in user engagement
  • 15+
  • Cultivate stronger relationships

    Foster authentic and valuable connections between members. Create an engaging space to facilitate long-lasting user relationships with your brand.

  • Create brand advocates

    Engage your loyal users, recruit brand advocates, and tap into their network to boost brand awareness and drive user acquisition.

  • Educate users

    Create both company-powered and crowd-sourced knowledge-base. Share resources and showcase community components inside the product and site.

Why Tribe Community Platform?

  • Fully customizable

    Select, organize and display the community elements exactly the way you need. Make it uniquely yours with your brand guidelines.

  • Powerful engagement

    Leverage a host of valuable apps (e.g., reputation, virtual currency), integrations, and notification tools to engage and retain users.

  • Advanced moderation

    Save resources with automated rules (e.g., minimum reputation score requirements), keyword blacklisting and AI-based content flagging.

  • Immersive social touchpoints

    Add community touchpoints in the entire customer journey with API-based integration and embeddable widgets for product and site.

Everything you need

A cloud-based solution with easy-to-configure social features.

Direct integration
with 20+ popular business tools

  • Intercom

    Sync member activities and properties for tartgeted messaging and engagement.

  • Zapier

    Automate processes and enable seamless data flow between third-party tools.

  • Amplitude

    Track community activities at a granular level and build powerful dashboards.

  • Messenger

    Add easy communication channel and notify community members


Engage users and build stronger relationships
with a customizable and modern online community