Behind every promising crypto project,
there is a thriving community.

A community platform, designed with a deep understanding of modern user behavior.

Empowering the
new generation of communities

  • Feature Rich

    AI-powered activity stream, built-in gamification & leaderboard just to name a few

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  • Powered by Apps

    Power up your community platform capabilities by adding apps and integrations.

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  • Community Services

    Tribes need leaders to achieve their goals. we offer Shamans

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Telegram Integration

Not just playing nice together.
They work together

Once a user receives a notification, they will be notified on their messenger and can reply within their app without the need of going to back to the community website.
  • Two-way
  • Multi-purpose
  • Community
    Library Search
  • Custom
    Bot Commands
Virtual Currency

Reward community members

Incentivize your active community members based on the Tribe's leaderboard. Run campaigns around specific topic or question and reward your community for their contribution by connecting it to your bounty program

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Yes, you can use social logins, such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Slack for your tribe community. In order to use the social logins, admins can go to their Admin Panel, and then find the Social Login on the left toolbar...

Updated 33 minutes ago
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We highly recommend our customers to host their Tribe on their own domain. This would make sure the inbound traffic would come to their custom domain and increases the conversion rate...

Answered by Mo
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You can easily embed a community feed into your website or mobile app using RSS, API or Iframe widgets. The feeds can be generated based on community topics so for example if you want users to interact...

Asked by Melanie Jones
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Virtual currency app allows community admins to reward the community members for different actions. You can easily define your own currency and how it can be redeemed -- whether it has monetary value (like dollar) or it can just be used to buy your service, product, membership or swags....

Updated an hour ago
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