Scale your success program with a customer community

From a knowledge base and onboarding events to the resource library and support forums, all in one platform!

Thousands of businesses are
scaling cutomer success with Tribe

Help your customers help each other

Adapt a many-to-many approach to engage and retain your customers

Robust product resources, more successful customers

  • Create a self-service onboarding experience to boost activation rate among lower-tier customers.
  • Drive customer success with crowd wisdom. Empower your customers to help each other in discussion forums.
  • Leverage user-generated content to build a comprehensive resource library. Empower customers with solutions for niche use cases.
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SEO and indexation

Higher product adoption, lower churn

  • Ensure your customers get the most out of your product. Organize webinars, courses, and AMAs, and centralize product education materials.
  • Don’t keep your customers waiting. Build a robust help center and enable your users to resolve their issues in real-time.
  • Monitor user satisfaction by analyzing community discussions and collecting feedback.
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Reports & analytics

Advanced search

Better customer experience, more advocates

  • Promote the value of your key features. Enable your users to share product tips and tricks and their success stories.
  • Collect feature requests from customers, and build only what your customers need and use.
  • Engage your most loyal customers and drive advocacy to attract new customers.
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A no-code, customizable community platform

What you need to engage your customers, enhance their experience, and win them for life!

Customize everything to fit your needs

Go beyond basic branding. Select, arrange, and configure Blocks to build your unique layout with zero coding.

Apps for additional unctionalities

Build a community that functions the way you want. Pick apps from the Tribe App Store, or build your custom apps to breathe life into your unique ideas.

Social touchpoint across the customer journey

Easily embed your community into your existing app or website to improve customer engagement and community adoption.

Connected to your tools

Integrated with industry-leading software to automate and enhance your customer success workflow


Enrich Intercom contacts with member property data to run targeted campaigns and boost engagement.


Sync your Mailchimp contacts with community data, and engage your members with automated emails.

Connected to your tools

Integrated with industry-leading software to automate and enhance your customer success workflow


Enables admins and moderators to receive notifications from the community directly inside Slack


Connect your community with apps you already use and automate workflows

Ready to scale customer success for your business?

“Tribe scales with our growth and makes it easy to customize the community! The price point was great for us to be able to get into a community.”

David Gurthrie

Customer Success Marketing at CondoControl

Condo Control is building a global customer community to enable customers to help each other and build a central knowledge hub.

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