Meet SLAs, reduce churn, and promote evangelism

Delight customers by providing highly relevant solutions in a timely manner
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Improve customer support experience
with the collective wisdom

Top companies such as CollegeBound and Smart Nora are saving thousands of dollars by deflecting support tickets and efficiently solving customer issues via communities powered by Tribe.

  • Build knowledge base

    Integrate user-generated content and your own knowledge base in a central repository to showcase relevant and up-to-date content when users search, browse or add questions.

  • Solve customer issues

    Use a highly engaged user community to gain deep insight into customers’ needs. Empower and involve customers to create a product roadmap that is in sync with the user's voice.

  • Reduce the number of tickets

    Promote self-service by allowing customers to help each other and decrease the number of issue.

Why Tribe Community Platform?

  • Custom community engine

    Select, organize and display the community elements exactly as per your business requirement.

  • Personalization

    Present personalized content with the power of machine learning that keeps users hooked to the community.

  • Moderation

    Easily manage content, activity, and report critical issues while taking care of diverse user needs.

  • Quick time to market

    Move from the conceptualization phase of a community to a full-fledged user community with faster implementation.

Everything you need

A cloud-based solution with easy-to-configure social features.

Popular integrations
for support communities.

  • Zendesk

    Easily create tickets right from the community

  • Salesforce

    Instantly push customer issues to Salesforce cloud

  • Slack

    Receive notifications and react right from Slack

  • HubSpot

    Enrich customer data and get a holistic view


Promote self-service, collect feedback, and reduce churn with a support community