Online community software for gaming companies

Grow fanbase, improve engagement, and foster loyalty for your games with Tribe Platform
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Community platform for gaming companies
weaves social elements in the entire customer journey

The online community for game publishing companies allows the community owners to add a low-cost acquisition channel driven by user-generated content. Collect ideas, feedback, and gain loyalty by actively implementing the Voice of Customer in the game.

The gamers are technically savvy and sophisticated -- your online community must also reflect a modern experience similar to social media.

  • Add a robust acquisition channel

    Drive healthy, organic and targeted traffic through user-generated content. Acquire new customers and grow revenue with a low-cost medium.

  • Boost loyalty

    Foster deep connection of users with the brand and fellow members with shared knowledge, valuable networking, communication, and engagement.

  • Tap into the referral network

    Empower the loyal customers to invite new users to your platform. Accelerate the user-acquisition with in-built gamification and incentivization tools.

  • Improve game development

    Establish direct communication and feedback sharing between customers and your teams across departments. Use the Voice of Customer to build user-centric games.

  • Promote customer self-service

    Allow users to seek help from other members, create valuable network, and build a knowledge repository to deflect the common support-related questions.

  • Enable social commerce

    Retain users inside your shopping site and enable community-driven discussions to enable the social shopping experience as well as new product discovery.

Why Tribe Platform for
gaming community development?

  • Complete customization

    Select, organize and display the community elements exactly as per your business requirement. Change the theme and leverage pre-built social media best practices to build a modern community.

  • Integration

    Tribe offers comprehensive API and embeddable widgets to fully integrate community inside a product or site. This helps gaming platforms embed community components directly inside the app.

  • Moderation

    Easily manage content, activity, and allow members to report critical issues while taking care of community health. Blacklist keywords and create rules for minimum reputation score for community contribution.

  • Gamification

    Drive healthy competition in the community with reputation score, badges, and leaderboards. Enable virtual currencies to incentivize user actions and make them redeemable for purchases.

Create an immersive social experience
for your games with Tribe Community Platform