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Customer experience
is the critical battleground

67% of consumers mention bad customer experiences as a reason for churn, but only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers complain. This means the lack of feedback doesn’t imply satisfaction and the inability to interact with customers in a meaningful manner can truly hamper growth.

  • Drive product innovation

    Use the community to build a robust platform for research and development. Identify, recruit, and engage with the super users in an exclusive group to improve the product roadmap, select new features, fix ‘beneath the surface’ issues, and reduce time to market (TTM).

  • Test concepts and validate ideas

    Insight communities can be great for ensuring that the preliminary ideas and propositions are worth pursuing. Collect candid and honest feedback from the members for rapid prototyping. Instill a sense of loyalty by involving them in product development.

  • Qualitative and quantitative research

    Use different types of content like questions, polls, and articles to generate discussions based on the topics of your interest. Use gamification tools and competitions with virtual coins to prompt members to contribute quality content and guide the direction.

  • Augment internal data

    Use the extensive API, data export tools, and built-in integrations with third-party apps to augment the pre-existing data in your system. This enriched customer data will further help you refine your targeting, messaging and ultimately conversion rate.

  • Improve customer support

    Allow your support team to understand the critical issues affecting the users and use that knowledge to improve the training collaterals. Take proactive actions according to member behavior to handle support queries in an efficient manner.

  • Understand the path to purchase

    Leverage the insights community to learn about the buying-decisions consumers make and how they are influenced by various factors. Use this to improve your marketing campaigns and communication at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Why use Tribe Platform for insights community?

  • Build a fully customized community

    Select, organize and showcase the components of the community exactly the way you need and cater to members’ preferences.

  • Invite members and publish content

    Invite customers, employees, and other stakeholders to join a secure and private online space. Facilitate discussion in purpose-driven groups based on different topics.

  • Engage members and share ideas

    Participate in discussions, create polls, promote new concepts, collect feedback, and encourage contribution with powerful gamification and rewards tools.

  • Collect data and derive insights

    Use Tribe’s built-in dashboard to generate insightful reports, export data and perform analyses to uncover latent customer needs and compare with different cohorts.

Collect in-depth and real-time consumer insights from
qualitative and quantitative community data