Build your own social network

Create niche social networks with a modular, white label and API-driven approach
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Customer loyalty
is the key to revenue growth

According to Bain & Co. and Harvard Business School, a 5% boost in customer retention rates raises profits by 25% to 95%. Let us help you deliver highly engaging product experience and grow revenue with our online community platform.

  • Instantly add social features

    Tribe’s extensive API, widgets, and app store allow you to enable any type of community element instantly. Allow members to post questions, submits answers, participate in discussions, and more to them hooked.

  • Retain and engage with gamification and personalization

    Keep users engaged at all times via highly personalized activity feed powered by machine learning. Use the gamification and incentivization method to retain and reward users; ultimately increase user stickiness.

  • Grow organically with pre-qualified users

    Empower your users to share their unique content ranging from articles and links to photos and videos. Use that to pull new users to your site via search engines like Google and other third-party sites.

  • Get deep insights on your users

    Get actionable insights on user behavior at a granular level by analyzing activity data. Use the candid discussions in the community to collect honest feedback, gauge community health, and improve customer experience.

  • Apply moderation tools efficiently

    Take complete control of the community with Tribe’s in-built moderation system. Reach your users easily via notification systems, answer swiftly, and resolve issues proactively.

  • Easily measure community health

    Focus on the key metrics and take proactive action using our in-built reporting system. Extend the power of tracking mechanism by native integrations with other leading analytics tools such as Google Analytics, MixPanel, Segment.

Why Tribe Community Platform?

  • Custom community engine

    Select, organize and display the community elements exactly as per your business requirement.

  • Personalization

    Present personalized content with the power of machine learning that keeps users hooked to the community.

  • Moderation

    Easily manage content, activity, and report critical issues while taking care of diverse user needs.

  • Quick time to market

    Move from the conceptualization phase of a community to a full-fledged user community with faster implementation.

Apps and integration
with 20+ leading business tools

  • Slack

    Receive notifications and react right from Slack

  • Shopify

    Add social experience to your e-commerce site and covert members into buyers

  • Messenger

    Send and receive notifications and connect to your community members via Messenger

  • HubSpot

    Automatically send leads to HubSpot and sync members' information


Excite and retain users to create
loyal fanbase for your social network with a branded online community.