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Build better products with your customers

Collect product feedback and feature requests, give beta access to your super users, and communicate updates – all in your customer community!

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giving voice to customers with Tribe

A direct line to your customers

Run your plans by your users, capture their ideas, and build only what matters.

Ideation with users, better feature prioritization

  • Collect feature requests from your users, let them upvote, and follow their favorite ideas.
  • Sort customer ideas based on the number of upvotes, or importance to optimize your product roadmap.
  • Notify community members when the status of their favorite ideas changes. Engage your members and encourage more participation.
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Centralized product feedback, more informed decisions

  • Give beta access to your super users and collect their feedback in an exclusive space.
  • Gamify user participation and build a repository for all product feedback.
  • Analyze your community’s support inquiries and how-to questions to better understand your product weaknesses.
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Engaged customers, higher product adoption

  • Integrate valuable community components into your product and website. Engage customers wherever they already exist.
  • Create a changelog to notify your existing customers about new features and motivate new customers to try your product.
  • Ensure your customers get the most out of your product. Organize webinars, host courses, and AMAs, and centralize product education materials.
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Knowledge base

A no-code, customizable community platform

What you need to engage your customers, enhance their experience, and win them for life!

Customize everything to fit your needs

Go beyond basic branding. Select, arrange, and configure Blocks to build your unique layout with zero coding.

Apps for additional unctionalities

Build a community that functions the way you want. Pick apps from the Tribe App Store, or build your custom apps to breathe life into your unique ideas.

Social touchpoint across the customer journey

Easily embed your community into your existing app or website to improve customer engagement and community adoption.

Connected to your tools

Integrated with industry-leading software to automate and enhance your customer success workflow


Enrich Intercom contacts with member property data to run targeted campaigns and boost engagement.


Look at video playbacks of member sessions to understand member behavior and improve community experience.

Connected to your tools

Integrated with industry-leading software to automate and enhance your customer support workflow


Optimize your community with confidence by collecting member properties and actions at a granular level.


Connect your community with apps you already use and automate workflows.

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“We had big requirements for our community as it’s a large focal point of our app. We needed something highly customizable by us, but most importantly, it needed to be embeddable as part of our existing mobile app – something that no other company offered.”

Dom Maskell

CPO of Runna

runna case study
See how Runna has embedded community into their product. Now the community enables Runna to support and educate its users, close the communication gap, and encourage fellow runners to uplift and help one another.

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