Community Software Buyer’s Guide for Feature Comparison

Once you have finalized the primary community objective it would largely dictate the feature requirements, customization, and integration.


Factor 1

Community software pricing can range from $1000 a year to $100,000+ a year — so ensure that you will be able to get the ROI for business growth.


Factor 2

A powerful method of evaluating any solution is to look for peer reviews.


Factor 3

The community platform must be flexible to support different post types for your community.

Admin capability

Factor 4

These are the features useful for admins and moderators of the community which also covers the core functionalities of an online community.

Branding and design

Factor 5

This is about ensuring that your brand elements are reflected in the community as well.


Factor 6

An online community must have powerful engagement tools to improve the engagement and retention rate. It includes gamification tools, notifications, incentivization, and smart suggestions.


Factor 7

The community software must have direct integration with popular third-party tools so you easily add the community into existing workflows and automate processes.


Factor 8

It is important to keep track of key community metrics and gauge the health of the community. This can help to keep your internal team and senior management in the loop about the progress.

Security and compliances

Factor 9

Data security and adherence to regulations are perhaps one of the most critical aspects of an online community.

Customer success and support

Factor 10

When you are working with a software product your team would need assistance either in figuring out a technical aspect, functionality, and implementation.