Clearly lay out  what constitutes spam.

Personal attacks

Explicitly menton that personal attacks won't be tolerated.


Protect the personal information of your members.

Illegal activities

Ban illegal activities such as sharing copyrighted material.

NSFW content

Define what would be considered NSFW and what would happen when someone posts such content.


Write down how the community would mitigate discriminations such as racism, sexism.


Guideline for what happens when someone invokes quarrel and posts inflammatory content.


Stop members from posting fake news.

Multiple accounts

Would you allow the same member to create multiple accounts?


Allowing duplicate content if it is relevant in two different topics.


Will there be an automated message asking the member to post again with correct grammar?

Moderation disputes

If someone wants to dispute the moderation decision, list down the options (e.g., contact form, private message).

Becoming moderator

If a member wants to become a moderator, how can they become one? What would be the general step?


How should the members use the like or upvote option?


How the members can flag low-quality content and members who are breaking rules.