How to engage community members and keep them hooked

Join Richard Millington to learn how you can onboard and engage community members.

Featured presenter
Richard Millington Founder of Feverbee
Hosted by
Ari Diamond Director of Customer Success, Tribe
Ever wonder how companies are building successful brand-led communities? It is driven by sharp positioning, effective onboarding techniques, and community engagement best practices.

If you are looking to apply these to your community, look no further!

We have partnered with Richard Millington, founder of FeverBee and author of ‘Buzzing Communities' and ‘The Indispensable Community’, to uncover the techniques to improve onboarding, boost member engagement, and strengthen customer relationships.
During this webinar you’ll learn:
How to position your community and convey value proposition
How to apply proven techniques to onboard members
Community engagement best practices