How to strengthen customer relationships with a brand-led community

Join Jono Bacon to learn how you can deploy a robust community strategy, track progress, and mitigate common risks.

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jono bacon
Jono Bacon Community strategy consultant and
author of 'People Powered'
Hosted by
Ari Diamond Director of Customer Success, Tribe
Every business wants a better relationship with its customers. Whether you’re selling make-up or motorcycles, improving the customer experience is key to increasing retention rates, brand recognition, and lead generation. Many companies, from Sephora to Harley Davidson, are seeing considerable success on these fronts by building brand-led communities.

Of course, building a successful online community can be difficult. How do you decide where to begin, what goals to set, or which metrics to use?

Community strategy consultant and author of People Powered, Jono Bacon, will share insights from his new book and discuss how to manage community projects with practical recommendations for quick wins.
During this webinar you’ll learn:
How to deploy a community strategy, track KPIs, and build accountability
How to generate internal support for your community from management and other teams
Practical tips to avoid common obstacles and roadblocks to community building