Live Q&A

Shaping the future of Tribe—chapter 3

Join us for a live Q&A with Tribe’s founders to learn more about the page builder and Space templates.

Hosted by

Siavash Mahmoudian

CEO, Tribe

Mo Malayeri

COO, Tribe

Soheil Alavi

CPO, Tribe

Date and time

24 February, 2022 – 12:00 PM EST

Back in January, we rolled out the first set of features to improve Tribe’s customizability. Those updates included color templates, typography, editable menu, and navigation bar options. Now, we are gearing up to further improve customizability with block-based pages and empower admins with best practices using templates.

Create customizable pages for your community with blocks such as announcement section, post list, member list, featured posts, Space list, etc. Transform your community the way you need without any coding!

Apart from improving customizability, we are always looking for ways to help community builders easily get started with best practices. Since Spaces define the structure of a community, we’re introducing Space templates by studying hundreds of successful communities.

That means you can create Spaces for popular use cases such as customer support, product updates, and feature requests directly from a set of pre-built templates. You can further customize them based on your exact needs.

Three awesome reasons to attend this session:

  • Learn about the page builder and blocks.
  • Get a sneak-peek into Space templates.
  • Check out Tribe’s approach to bringing best practices into communities.