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Live Q&A

Shaping the future of Tribeā€”chapter 5

Join us for a live Q&A with Tribe’s founders to learn more about the new post-types and Blocks for the Customizer.

Hosted by

Siavash Mahmoudian

CEO, Tribe

Soheil Alavi

CPO, Tribe

Mo Malayeri

COO, Tribe

Date and time

04 October, 2022 – 12:00 PM EST

A big value proposition of Tribe is that itā€™s highly customizable. That’s why we’re constantly innovating to find new ways for you to customize your community to fit the precise needs of your team and members.

Tribeā€™s upcoming customization tool, custom post types, is a great example. This will further improve the customizability of your community with unique content experiences. So whether you’re building a knowledge base, collecting product ideas, or sharing events, you can do it your way with Tribe.

Apart from that, we’re gearing up to release new Blocks to further improve the customizability of the community. Using these Blocks you will not only be able to build unique Spaces, but also create a custom home page for your community where you can highlight the different sections of the community.

new post-types and customization blocks

This will help you guide the journey of the community members by enabling them to explore key areas of the community when they land on the home page.

As always, our goal is to give you the freedom to build the perfect online community for your customers. With custom post types and new Blocks, we’re further closer to making that a reality.

Three awesome reasons to attend this session:

  • See the upcoming post-types and how they will solve different use cases.
  • Explore the new Blocks designed to customize the community.
  • Learn more about future enhancements.