Embed community touch points into your customer journey

Drive engagement with powerful and flexible community integration options


Easily create widgets to embed valuable components of the community inside your product or website. We can also deliver iframe widgets that would follow your branding guidelines.


An extensive API that captures every single activity in your community. Anything that you can visualize on the community can be accessed via API.

Configure every
bit of your community

Every community is unique, and it needs to be configured as per specific user needs. Hence, Tribe community platform is designed with flexibility as a core element — we allow you to customize and extend the functionality with easy-to-use integration options.


A flexible community
platform for several industries

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You can definitely do that. This can be achieved using our Single Sign-on (SSO) feature. We support different SSO methods including JWT, OAuth2.0, and SAML. The SSO feature is available on Premium plan...

Updated 3 days ago
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You can easily embed a community feed into your website or mobile app using RSS, API or Iframe widgets. The feeds can be generated based on community topics so for example if you want users to interact...

Answered by Mo
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Everything in Tribe is built on APIs. This means you can customize it extensively. You can show a customized component such as related products, suggested services, form, and surveys, etc to your users...

Answered by Siavash
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Hi, Ed, There are many examples -- both public and private. I'm listing some of the public communities for Inspiration...

Updated an hour ago
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